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Lisa Elias

Reiki Practitioner

"The most divine art is that of healing: It ​must occupy itself with the soul as much ​as the body"

-Pythagoras,5th century BCE

What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese modality. Reiki is derived from two words, (Rei) ​meaning “Universal” and (Ki) meaning “life force energy”. In ​essence it is “spiritually guided life force energy”. Unseen to the ​eye, this energy is in and around us at all times. When one’s “life ​force energy” is low, then sickness, stress and disease are more ​likely. When one’s “life force energy” is high, one is more likely to ​be on a path of self improvement, health and happiness.

Simply, Reiki is a natural and safe way of healing the whole person, ​body, mind, and spirit.

You will leave a session relaxed, at peace, and with a deeper ​connection to oneself.

What is a Sound Bath

Tibetan Singing Bowl and Gemstones

Musical instruments such as crystal singing bowls, gongs, and chimes are played to induce a profound state of deep relaxation, facilitating healing of the body, mind and spirit. Your body responds to the frequency of each instrument by releasing any imbalance in your energetic field and re-harmonizing back to a state of balance.

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About Me

Helping people has always been close to my heart. For the past ten ​years, I have worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Pediatrics, ​Geriatrics and Hospice. I started my own personal healing journey ​three years ago. It began with a simple morning regimen of journaling, ​exercise, and meditation. My first personal Reiki session followed that. ​Reiki allowed me to release energetic blocks that had started to ​manifest into physical symptoms. Because of how powerful my Reiki ​experience was, I was inspired to train as a practitioner so that I could ​support others as they pursue wellness and healing. My mission is to ​aid in the healing of humanity, one beautiful soul at a time.

"My first Experience with Reiki with ​Lisa was amazing. The atmosphere, ​and her devotion to her work is ​phenomenal. I left feeling lighter, ​more focused, and refreshed. This ​was absolutely a moving experience. ​10/10 you owe it to yourself to try it ​and her out."


” I had the opportunity to participate ​in a sound healing and Reiki therapy ​session with Lisa. Having never done ​this before I was apprehensive and ​nervous. We began with some ​breathing relaxation techniques ​before starting. I began to feel relaxed ​before we even started the session. ​As I lay on the table, my body felt so ​light. I could feel negative energy ​leaving my body. I felt some sort of ​release of energy alleviating Pain in ​my lower back and shoulder. I walked ​away feeling as though my body had ​reset. I would definitely recommend ​and plan to return". 5 stars

-Stephanie P.

”I began working with Lisa a few months ago. I am not a very ​trusting person, but I desperately needed help, and a friend ​whom I I have learned to trust, recommended her.

In the very first session, she was able to release a lot of built-up ​negative energy that I have carried around my whole life. Having ​been physically and sexually abused throughout childhood, then ​also having dealt with violent people in my job, a lot of emotions ​had been locked away deep inside. Lisa has been able to help me ​release these emotions, and clean out the gunk inside. She also ​gave me a crystal, and taught me affirmations and visualizations to ​use at home, teaching me to continue the work at home also. I ​went to my Grief Support Group after the first session. No one ​there knew I had come to Lisa, but they all noticed a "lighter" vibe ​about me from that night on!

I am feeling lighter, and have been able to release so much of ​the locked up anger, and sadness, and depression in the ​sessions I have had with Lisa. She has truly helped me to ​release the darkness that seemed to fill me. For that, I will be ​forever grateful.”

-Lorie C.

”My first experience with Reiki ​was amazing. Lisa is open and ​extremely devoted. I had been ​having an extremely tough few ​months, and her work and ​guidance helped me immensely."

- Austin H.

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Services offered

Reiki session 60 miinutes

The session starts with breathing exercises to help you connect with ​your body. After a brief guided meditation, which immerses you in an ​even deeper state of relaxation, you next receive Reiki, which puts you ​in a condition of healing.


sound Bath and Reiki meditation 45 ​Minutes


Reiki meditation and sound baths are an effective healing duo. Grounding breaths ​help you center and realign with your body. This is followed by a guided meditation ​that aids in establishing a connection with divine energy, which works directly with ​you allowing healing of physical and emotional traumas. Playing of crystal singing ​bowls further enhance this healing process.

Sound bath


Add on to your Reiki session

Group Sound Bath and Reiki Mediation Available

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Lisa Elias



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